Phoenix Rising

I look through old photographs but find them wanting. Portraits of faces, the falsehood now taunting. Everything I thought I knew as fact. Were just ideals in abstract. This was my childhood.

Memories are fading, as time turns colours black. Now, I crave the years I wasted. Trying to hold the future back. I realize now, I was afraid. Stuck in the  habits and the structures. Taking paths that others made. This was my early adulthood.

I am not that little girl, I need not  ask, what, when or how. I changed and I evolved. Becoming the person you see now. I don’t claim to have all the answers. But I will no longer be controlled. Now, I am my future. Strong, able and proud.


My name is, Layla Blackwell. I describe myself as a disabled writer and maker of things. I live in the West of Scotland with my black cat named Alfie. I have designed this site as a home for all my work. from the different types of writing that I undertake to the projects I make. You’ll find all their details here.

By opening up about the aspects of life that I care about the most, I hope that I can entertain, inform and maybe even educate my followers.

Connection has always been the most important factor of my life and has led to many wonderful opportunities. I am excited to share those with you here.



I’ve just began to write poems. Here’s where you’ll find them

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